Time Program Chair/Speaker
11:30-12:30  Registration  
12:30-12:40  Welcome Message and Introduction  Kun Suk Kim (Congress President of KJSPU)
12:40-14:00  Session 1
Abstracts: Upper Urinary Tract and Minimal Invasive Surgery 
 Saburo Tanikaze (Japan)
 Sang Don Lee (Korea)
14:00-14:30  Session 2 Keynote Lecture  Hideo Nakai (Japan)
 Kyung Do Kim (Korea)
   Laparoscopic Surgery for Children  Akihiro Kawauchi (Japan)
14:30-14:50  Coffee Break  
14:50-16:10  Session 3
Abstracts: Bladder and Genitalia
 Yoshifumi Sugita (Japan)
 Jae Shin Park (Korea)
16:10-17:30  Session 4
Panel Discussions: Lessons from KJSPU Giants    
 Yuichiro Yamazaki (Japan)
 Kwan Jin Park (Korea)
   My Preferred Approach and Rationale  for the Treatment of Complicated
Duplex System
1) Upper Tract Approach: Ablation vs Preservation
2) Lower Tract Approach: Indication (Universally or Limitedly)
/  Need of Extravesical Approach / Long Term Bladder Functions
3) Case Discussions 
 Kaoru Yoshino (Japan)
Hideo Nakai  (Japan)
Sang Won Han (Korea)
Kun Suk Kim (Korea)
Sang Hoon Song (Korea)
Minki Baek (Korea)
17:30-18:10  Business Meeting  
18:30-21:00  Gala Dinner (Venue: philkyungjae)